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Yanki Margalit
Investor, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker

Yanki Margalit is an Israeli entrepreneur and speaker best known for starting Aladdin Knowledge Systems. He is currently Chairman of SpaceIL, a non-profit space technology organization competing for the Google Lunar X Prize. He is also a partner in Innodo, a seed investment fund.

Margalit is on the boards of Idealist.org, Latet, College4all.org, Meet.mit.edu, Adama.org.il and SpaceIL.com

Margalit has appeared as a professional speaker about technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and human evolution, while studying and working in more recent interests of biotechnology, clean energy and space exploration.

Some of his lectures include:

• The future of the future – on Singularity, evolution and technology.

• On entrepreneurship and innovation.

• Space-IL – Towards landing a spaceship on the moon.

• Dream it – Make it! – A TEDxJerusalem talk on DIY and the Makers Movement.