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Robert Pincas
Managing Director at Art of the Possible

Robert Pincas is an advisory board member for MG Equity, currently managing
the MG Investment Capital Fund.
Robert was partner and Director at MG Equity Partners from 2003 till 2009.
Previously was the founder and CEO of “Art of the Possibile” advisory services
firm and before this worked in Ernst Young and as the VP of Delphi Software.
Robert was instrumental in these transactions:

  1. Beyond Technologies private placement of $2.15M.
  2. Global Brands – Domino’s Switzerland pre IPO raising 1.1M$ and IPO on AIM raising a total of $6.3M.
  3. QABCL – Pepsi Romania merger with Pepsi Americas, $51 M and $65 M Debt .
  4. Espro Technologies listing on OFEX, raising $1.6M.

Mr. Pincas holds a MBA, a B.A. degree in Economics and an Industrial Engineer
in Electronics and Computers degree.
Robert is applying his multi disciplinary point of view for over 10 years,
combining marketing, finance, technological knowledge and negotiation skills,
to analyze new investment opportunities in the Global Financial Market.