Want to lead Innovation in your area, company or organization? Partner with EMGI

Start-Up Incubator

Set-up your own startup incubator

Are you an academic executive  that wants to boost the innovation education in your area?

Are you a  community leader  that wants to lead youngsters to create their own jobs?

Are you a  business services provider  that wants to empower young entrepreneurs?

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions, EMGI has a great offer for you: we’ll set up a business incubator in your area!

EMGI, has the expertise to help you build your local incubator and unleash the opportunity for junior entrepreneurship in your community.

For years, our team has been deeply involved in entrepreneur empowerment through training, Mentorship and incubator management, in numerous countries, including: Ireland, UK, France, Israel and South Africa.

Over the years, we have developed a unique process to nurture a project, identify opportunities, and develop the overall ecosystem you need to make this happen.

Our team of experts will guide you and will work with you through the 10 critical steps to make your incubator a success, both for you and for the young entrepreneurs.

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