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Junior Incubator




We developed over 3 online learning modules that comprise the ‘Learn’ stage. This stage was built to take a participant through the process of acquiring knowledge of entrepreneurship in a fast-paced training program. Once the participant finishes the Learn stage, a unique “Meet the Dragons” event with local and international investors will be set up. Pre-screened ventures will be presented to VC’s, private investors and Key Sector Leaders. Selected participants will enter the Execute stage.


Only 5-10% of worldwide businesses are successful because of a good product or idea. The rest is down to execution. The biggest challenge that entrepreneurs face these days is to live up to their promises, to make a business plan become a reality. Our unique interactive social based online platform – ‘Execute’, consists of coaching, mentorship and facilities designed to enable every participant to master the performance execution.


Based on our 10 years’ experience of nurturing successful technology early stage companies, we created the ‘Accelerate’ engine that provides careful early chosen ventures all the resources, services and ecosystem they require to make the quantum leap they desire.

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